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  • 30" Non Ducted Stainless Range Hood
  • Non vented recirculating only
  • Recirculating range hoods require no external venting of air
  • Air is pushed through a charcoal filtration system that removes pollutants before circulating it back into the home
  • The benefit of such a system is that household temperatures and humidity are easier to maintain, as the internal air never leaves the kitchen
  • A recirculating range hood is also generally far easier to install, as complex ventilation systems and vent pipe are not required
  • Uses charcoal filter
  • Light illuminates cooking surface
  • Accepts 75 watt bulb not included
  • Rocker type fan and light switches
sku: 19-3014
category: range_hood
duct type: ductless
color: stainless
price: $ 199.00
size: 30"


sku #19-1050

Charcoal Hood Range Filter For Non Ducted Hoods

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